Why you should wear bamboo clothing this summer August 9, 2019 13:15 3 Comments

Summer is the time for vacations, pool days and hanging out in the sun. Bamboo fabric is the perfect complement to a busy summer in Kansas City or anywhere else in the world.

Here are five reasons why you should ditch the cotton and switch to bamboo underwear this summer.

Bamboo fabric is perfect for traveling

Because of its fast-drying and comfort capabilities, bamboo fabric is an excellent counterpart to a busy summer on the go. It absorbs moisture faster and more effectively than cotton and it’s softer than pretty much any other alternative – plus, it’s virtually impossible to wrinkle. The next time you’re on a cold airplane, wear your bamboo pajama pants. We promise you won’t be disappointed.  

If you’re someone who prefers to pack light and be constantly on the move, there’s no better fabric than bamboo. You can easily hand wash and dry your MADI bamboo underwear anywhere you go, without having to worry about it taking hours to dry.

Bamboo lingerie keeps you cool

Bamboo loungewear has natural thermo-regulating capabilities that allow it to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The hollow bamboo fibers are naturally cooling, breathable, and well ventilated, helping you feel fresh no matter the temperature by wicking away sweat.

Bamboo underwear is easy on the skin

bamboo fabric soft

With its hypoallergenic and all-natural fibers, bamboo underwear is a natural solution for people with sensitive skin or ones who are susceptible to ingrown hairs or irritation along the bikini line. The fiber itself is naturally smooth, and our lingerie is made without chemical treatment, which can protect your skin from harsh irritation. Plus, we don't use waist or leg elastics in our women's underwear styles, preventing any uncomfortable pinching.

Bamboo clothing is antibacterial

Bamboo fabric has natural antibacterial traits that protect against bacteria and odors. The Chinese Textile Testing Centre performed a study about this fact and found that, after introducing bacteria to bamboo fabric, there was a 99.8% reduction in bacteria within 24 hours. Bamboo materials also combat other forms of bacteria, including yeast, mold and fungus. Sweat has nothing against bamboo.

True story: A customer walked into our Kansas City flagship store this summer and headed straight for our underwear wall, where she carefully and intentionally picked out specific pairs to buy. A staff member commented on her efficiency and knowledge of the store and the customer responded with this story:

"I have to tell you something that is TMI (too much information). For years, I've had constant yeast infections. I bought a few pairs of MADI Apparel bamboo and lace undies last year, and since I've been wearing them EVERY DAY, I haven't had a yeast infection since. So, I'm back for many more pairs!" 

Bamboo is good for the planet (and your wallet)

Our team at MADI has been washing, drying and wearing a few of the same pairs of MADI underwear since 2014. We've seen close to zero holes, hardly any pilling, and after five years, they are still very wearable. So, we can tell you from first-hand experience that investing in a pair of our bamboo underwear will last you years, saving you time and money in the long run.

And because the bamboo fabric is so long lasting, it will also save the planet as well. One pair of our underwear will outlive five pairs of our competitors! And, the best part: When you’re done wearing them, they’re 100% biodegradable – meaning you’ll never see our pairs sitting for long in the landfill.

No matter your summer plans, MADI Apparel has you covered. Our bamboo eco-friendly underwear and sustainable loungewear pieces will keep you cool and comfortable this summer – and many more seasons after that. Tell us how you plan to make the most of your summer this year below!