The Last White T-Shirt You’ll Ever Need March 5, 2020 22:39

Every male should have a classic white staple t-shirt in their wardrobe. In fact, most men probably have several. The problem with white t-shirts is that they seem to need to be replaced year after year—or even month after month. 

At MADI Apparel, we understand how bad that is for not only your wallet, but the planet as well. That’s why we’ve designed a staple basic  t-shirt that will stand the test of time. Made with some of the most green products available in the industry, our sustainable white t-shirt is designed to last longer, dry faster, and look better than other white t-shirts for men. 

Introducing the last white t-shirt you’ll ever need, from MADI Apparel. 

white bamboo t-shirt

A white t-shirt that will last

Our bamboo t-shirts can be washed and dried for year after year without losing color or softness. Gone are the days of buying packs of basic white t-shirts from the grocery store—say hello to your new best friend that will be with you for years to come. 

Other benefits of bamboo t-shirts include:

  • Fast-drying
  • Odor-preventing
  • Self-wicking
  • Antimicrobial

And the best part? Once it’s lived its life, it is biodegradable. We call that the gift that keeps on giving. 

“The best white t-shirt”

Some white t-shirts leave a lot up to the imagination. They’re boxy, stiff, and ultimately just unflattering on most men. We knew there was a better way. 

Made of 95% organic viscose from bamboo and 5% spandex, our bamboo men’s shirts are equally as comfortable as they are flattering. The bamboo makes them ultra soft and luxurious while the spandex helps highlight muscle tone while still being slimming.

Our customers tell us this is one of the best white t-shirts they have ever bought. And that’s saying a lot, seeing as most t-shirts only last 30 wash cycles. 

Products that give back 

Our sustainable white t-shirt is designed to give back to the community and the world. First, it’s made from one of the most sustainable products available in the clothing industry: bamboo. Bamboo is super sustainable because it’s fast growing and requires little water, fertilizer, and no pesticides to grow. It also absorbs tons of carbon dioxide and oxygen as well. Best part: bamboo fabric is biodegradable! When your staple tee reaches the end of it's wearable capabilties, it will break down in the environment.

Our men’s bamboo clothing also gives back in another way: to women.

There aren’t many men’s brands out there that give back to women. We wanted to change that. Although we started as a women’s intimates company in Kansas City, we wanted to expand our reach and our impact because men deserve long-lasting basics that make a difference in their communities.

We believe that we are better together—and our line of sustainable basics for men proves it. 

sustainable men's clothing

How to wear a white t-shirt

Working men on construction sites wear white t-shirts. James Dean rocked white t-shirts. White t-shirts play a big role in men’s wardrobes. Why? Because it goes with everything. It’s a safe bet on those days when you’re not sure what to wear. 

There are many ways to wear a white tee shirt for men. From business casual to lazy Sunday, a white bamboo t-shirt is a wardrobe staple for men. We offer a basic scoop neck t-shirt and a white v-neck t-shirt, depending on your wardrobe style. 

Our basic crew neck t-shirt for men is designed to be worn in a variety of ways. Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear our staple tees:



On its own.

There’s nothing more classic than a white t-shirt and jeans. From a dinner date to a night out on the town, our classic white tee will look good wherever you go. 

To bed.

Our soft t-shirt is so comfortable that you’ll want to wear it to bed. And because the fabric is breezy, you’ll stay cool all night. Plus, the anti-wrinkle fabric means you can wake up and hit the day running without having to change into a new shirt.

With a blazer.

Our favorite way to do business casual. Pair a white t-shirt with a blazer to add a little flair to your traditional office attire. Add a pair of white tennis shoes or swap the blazer for a bomber for a cool vibe. 

man working out

To the gym.

Because our white bamboo shirts are self-wicking, they dry faster and more effectively than some other types of fabrics like cotton.  

best white tshirt for men

Wherever you go.

From the beach to the mountains and everywhere in between, our white t-shirt is along for the ride.

No matter how you wear it, our bamboo white t-shirts are, undoubtedly, one of the best white t-shirts for men (and with their community impact, for women as well). 

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8 ways to celebrate International Women's Day | MADI Apparel March 5, 2019 17:59

I am woman, HEAR ME ROAR :).

Okay, that's pretty dramatic...but really do mean it!  Hayley here, founder of MADI Apparel and president of our non-profit MADI Donations!  I began laying the foundation for MADI Apparel in 2012 after learning that underwear is the most needed and under-donated item of clothing in women's organizations globally.  Additionally, this statistic hit hard when my family member revealed that she's a survivor of domestic violence.  Our beginnings were rooted in empowering women, through encouraging donations of this very basic intimate need.  We've always been a brand that truly cares about the dignity of our women -  through employment of women-owned cut and sew facilities and offering seamstress skills-training courses.

We're all about that girl power, ya hear?

Now, I'm not saying - okay ready, set, go start a business that empowers women - TODAY!  But, I am saying you can do little things to encourage and empower yourself and other women around you.  Why not start with International Women's Day???  We're a primarily female-run team, and I + some of our team members came up with a few ideas!

1.  Surprise your co-worker with coffee

Have you been thinking about how your cubicle neighbor, boss lady or work bestie is a huge BADASS lately but haven't had the words tell her?  Surprise her with her favorite coffee and a hand-written note letting her know how grateful you are for her.  We all love words of affirmation!


2.  Treat your lady bartender or server with a fatty tip

The service industry is NOT for the weak of hearts.  Some of our gal tribe will work their butts off in this industry forever - and do an amazing job - and some are saving for a life goal.  Why not show some major love and leave 30 or 40% on the tip receipt with a note telling her she rocks?

3.  Take your mom or grandma on a date

These are the women who made us - literally and symbolically.  They shaped us, sacrificed, put us first, taught us all the things...don't they deserve our time and attention, at the very least?  Aunts, grandmas and godmothers make the perfect dates, too, if your mama isn't near.

4.  Write down 20 things you love about being a woman

This is an amazing exercise to practice thankfulness and personal reflection on a regular basis, if you'd like. But, it's also a way to celebrate being a woman - even if you only do it one day a year as a rule of thumb.  Notebook writing party of one, please :)!

5.  Shop or eat at a woman-owned business in your city

Ahem... :)

Yes, please add us to your list!  But in case you'd like more recommendations - here are a few of our faves owned by women with big hearts in the city we're headquartered, Kansas City!

Lady Bye in Brookside, Kansas City

Skin KC in Brookside, Kansas City

Hand and Land in Park Place, Leawood Kansas

Seven Swans Creperie food truck

Wild Way Coffee trailer

Chez Elle in Westside Kansas City

BRIDE.KC (for those looking for a dress!)

We recommend a quick google search for women-owned restaurants, gyms, shops in your city!

6.  Volunteer at an organization that supports women

We would encourage doing this on a regular basis.  You never know - you might make a friend and become a mentor in the process!

7.  Sign up to attend a conference with female keynote speaker

The percentage of women invited to lend expertise as a keynote speaker is much lower than that of our male counterparts.  Let's encourage the women in our local areas who ARE getting up on stage by signing up for these events and sitting in the front row!

8.  Gather a girl squad and cheers!

Make this your first annual International Women's Day party and gather your tribe of women!  Cheers to yet another year of being badass together as women!

 Ready...set...GO LADIES!