Smells Like Him Signature Soy Candle

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Introducing a new MADI Apparel ethical basic - our own line of signature soy candle scents. Each scent was made in collaboration with Untamed Supply - a small business in our city - to enhance comfort, rest, sexy and sustainability in your life. Every candle comes with a gold foil branded matchbox, because every detail really matters :).

Smells Like Him Ingredients:

White Birch, Teakwood, Charcoal, Tonka

  • Scent invented by founder Hayley's husband, Danny. He was inspired by his favorite cologne by Denim that you can only find in Amsterdam, The Hague and other cities in The Netherlands
  • Made with love in Kansas City, MO
  • Hand-poured, domestically grown soy wax
  • Cotton-core wick
  • Natural chemical-free oils
  • Clean burn, non-toxic
  • No additives or dyes
  • Recyclable glass jar (to learn about re-filling your jar with one of our signature scents at a discounted rate, email us customerservice(at)

For every item sold, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need.