"Silk" Signature Soy Candle

$ 30.00
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Introducing a new MADI Apparel ethical basic - our own line of signature soy candle scents. Each scent was made in collaboration with Untamed Supply - a small business in our city - to enhance comfort, rest, sexy and sustainability in your life. Every candle comes with a gold foil branded matchbox, because every detail really matters :).

Silk Candle Ingredients:

Amber and Vetiver

  • You'll want to wear aka burn this one all day and night. It smells warm, sexy, comfy and clean.
  • This scent was inspired by a cruelty-free, all natural apparel collection we've been working on for over two years...it'll drop late spring and if the candle scent name gives you any hint... :)
  • Made with love in Kansas City, MO
  • Hand-poured, domestically grown soy wax
  • Cotton-core wick
  • Natural chemical-free oils
  • Clean burn, non-toxic
  • No additives or dyes
  • Recyclable glass jar (to learn about re-filling your jar with one of our signature scents at a discounted rate, email us customerservice(at)madiapparel.com)

For every item sold, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need.