Lightweight Bamboo Jogger in Deep Water (indigo)

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Lightweight Bamboo Jogger in Deep Water (dyed from multiple dips of hand-dyed indigo)

More about this color collection: Our newest hand-dyed natural indigo collection - LAKEWATER - is small-batch, limited edition drop.

Inspiration for this color collection was taken from summers spent lakeside in Missouri on boat rides, laying on the dock basking in the sun, and sipping coffee on the porch enjoying the rolling Ozark Mountain hills flowing into clear green blue waters. This collection features multiple lake water tones: "stream", "lake water" and "deep water" all dyed by hand with various indigo dye techniques. Green-toned shades were developed by combining marigold flower dye with indigo. 

**Due to natural dye and the hand dye process, every piece is different and will reflect various shades of the products in photos. Pieces may be more muted, more saturated, have dye blemishes, etc

*Models are wearing size small, and range from size 2 to 6 in jeans

More about this product:

  • Designed by founder
  • Hand-dyed with real indigo by local Kansas City maker Alyx Jacobs
  • Made in Kansas City by a women-owned cut and sew artisan team that we've been working with for eight years.
  • Drawstring is biodegradable, un-dyed 100% cotton
  • Ethically sourced and sustainable French terry bamboo fabric — our founder’s favorite blend we’ve ever worked with!
  • Sizing: S = 2-6 (in jeans), M=6-10, L= 8-12
  • In honor of reflecting as much comfort into your day as possible, garment waistband is designed to not be tight around your stomach. We don't yet make an XS in this product, so fit may be too large in the waist for size 0-2 in jeans. However, waistband can be adjusted to cinch at the waist. 
  • Work-from-home comfy clothes essential 
  • Biodegradable
  • Ridiculously soft, cozy, stretchy. You won't want to take them off. And you don't have to! Meant for bed or all-day wear.

More about how this product makes a difference:

  • For every item purchased, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need.  Why? Because underwear is the most requested, needed and under-donated item of clothing in organizations all over the world.
  • All of our sewers, employees and contractors are paid a living wage to make our products and work on our team. This makes us part of 3% of the world's fashion brands to pay a living wage to sewers.
  • Guaranteed sweatshop-free. We're in our local sewing facilities nearly every week, and have close relationships with all sewers who carefully make our products.
  • We're 100% committed to ethical, local labor and environmental sustainability.

Scene Inspo lake water picture credits: Tara Shupe Photography

Model and flat lay product shots : Ali Happer Photography

Ozark Mountains photo was taken by our founder on a family float trip that inspired this small batch collection

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