Lace Thong in Terra Cotta - The Diana

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The Diana Lace Thong in Terra Cotta : hand dyed from natural cutch

Naturally hand-dyed from the wood of ancient cutch trees

  • Cutch dye has been used in India since ancient times. Parts of the tree such as the twings, bark and wood are often used for medicinal purposes
  • Cutch wood dyes a variety of colors in the burnt orange/terra cotta/salmon family
  • Due to natural dye process using wood from ancient cutch trees, beauty lies in the imperfections. Since these products are locally dyed individually by hand, most pieces have imperfections from the dye such as: splotches, tie-dye-like appearance, color inconsistencies, stiffness, etc. Color and imperfections are highlighted in product photos.

Lace Thong product details

  • Fabric = Luxurious and long-lasting lace + viscose from bamboo 
  • ^^ That's important for women receiving the undies donations who'll be able to wash and hang dry their pair overnight
  • No elastics, limited panty lines, luxuriously soft comfort
  • For every item purchased, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need.  Why?  Because it's the most under-donated item of clothing.

    • Designed by founder
    • Cut/sewn in Kansas City
    • Styles are named after individual women who’ve made a difference in the life of our founder and who symbolize the kind of impact MADI can make in the world!