4 Pair Panty Pack {Lace // Bamboo combo}

$ 136.00
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For every pair of MADI underwear you purchase, we will donate one pair to a woman in need.  When you purchase our 4 Pair Panty Pack of bamboo // lace undies, you will be donating 4 PAIRS of new, clean underwear to women in need!  This is a huge help for domestic violence/homeless shelters, disaster relief victims & rape clinics!

In our 4 Pair Panty Pack: The Pamela - Cheeky Brazilian, The Kyle - Classic Boyshort, The Kaydee - Wide Band Lace Brazilian, The Diana - Wide Band Lace Thong  

**If you'd like more than one size option or a combination of colors in your order, please email us at info.madiapparel@gmail.com with your size, color and style preferences.  We may not have your preference in stock, but we will do our best to fulfill your request!

Not only is bamboo from viscose organically sustainable but the fabric is self-wicking, odor resistant and dries super fast! That's important for women receiving the undies donations who'll be able to wash and hang dry their pair overnight.

MADI Apparel undergarments are MADE IN KANSAS CITY!

Our styles are named after individual women who’ve made a difference in the life of our founder and who symbolize the kind of impact MADI can make in the world!