At MADI Apparel, we’re focused on doing our part to support our employees and their families, customers, and the greater community during the COVID-19 crisis.

Our employees are required to wear a mask at all time when operating in-store, and we’ve paused all non-essential business travel. It’s always been our practice to pay hourly workers, including our sew team staff, even when the office is closed, and we’ll continue to do so during this period. We’ve also given all full-time employees flex hours to support any emotional and financial needs during this time.

We’ll continue prioritizing the health and safety of our employees so we can serve our Kansas City community without interruption. While the scale of impact is still unknown, we’re here and committed to working on additional ways we can help now and in the long term. Meeting the needs of this moment will require patience, compassion, and creativity, and remembering that we’re all in this together.

This page will be updated regularly with more information for our customers and community. For more resources on the latest public health information, we recommend following the updates and recommendations made by credible public health organizations such as the World Health Organization and your local health authorities.

Last updated on November 25, 2020.