Bamboo Midi Skirt with Slit in Ivory

$ 82.00

Bamboo Midi Skirt with Slit in Ivory

*Model is wearing a small slit skirt. She is a size 6 in jeans. For a looser fit, go up a size!

  • This garment is plastic-free with no elastics

  • Made from biodegradable viscose from bamboo fabric with a stretchy biodegradable drawstring

  • Ethically made in the USA out of sustainable fabrics, sweatshop free

  • For every item purchased, we donate a pair of underwear to a woman in need.  Why?  Because it's the most under-donated item of clothing.
    • Designed by founder
    • Cut/sewn in Kansas City
    • Styles are named after individual women who’ve made a difference in the life of our founder and who symbolize the kind of impact MADI can make in the world!