Bamboo Lounge Pants in Cocoa (limited)

$ 94.00
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        About the design and fit :
        • Designed by founder
        • Wear to bed or out to the gym or brunch as sustainable athleisure 
        • Silky, comfy fit, breezy to the touch
        • No elastic waistband, just a stretchy bamboo drawstring. Garment can be pulled up and down without untying because the drawstring and fabric are so stretchy. The zero elastic waistbands eliminates pinching and "too tight" waistband discomfort

        About the fabric:

        • Stretch Knit Viscose from Bamboo: 95% Bamboo 5 % Spandex
        • Fabric = luxuriously soft, organically sustainable, odor resistant and dries super fast!
        • 100% biodegradable
        • This self-wicking fabric helps lower night sweats and is very breathable for sleeping.
        About the garment production:
        • Made in USA pajama pants. Made in Kansas City by woman-owned small batch production teams working in an ethical micro-factory and earning a fair living wage to make our products. We're one of two percent of fashion brands in the world to pay a living wage to our sewers.
        • Each garment was individually cut by hand, intentionally and slowly sewn with love and quality and requires many hours of labor. This USA made product is a true testament to slow fashion and ethical garment manufacturing. The only way we can compete with the cheap prices of fast fashion brands and offshore garment manufacturing is through quality production and fair wages to our entire team.

        About the dye:

        • Each piece takes about a half an hour to dye, fix, wash and hang to dry. We do this by hand in respect to the artistry techniques that we're losing in the garment industry where wasteful chemical-heavy large batch dyeing is the norm.
        • Please note : Custom colors are hand dyed in-house by our team. This means every piece will be uniquely yours, special, and NOT a good way :). By selecting custom dye products, you're in agreement that various factors may contribute to custom dye imperfections such as the following: dye blemishes, small spots, muted or boldly saturated colors, etc. Products have gone through a dye fix process, but please wash and dry custom colored pieces SOLO before wearing and before washing with other garments. We may not be held liable for: dye damages to other garments from washing or wearing. Please do this before wearing.


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