If MADI undies were cheaper, wouldn't you be able to donate more?

We're often asked this (very valid) question.

People want to know why our prices are higher than the very popular Victoria's Secret or even Hanes or Jockey brands.  Many of our customers and potential customers have only shopped at discount stores or at Victoria's Secret before hearing about MADI Apparel for a couple reasons - cheap prices, convenience, or perhaps that's the only undergarment brand they're familiar with!  So, with that in mind, right off the bat our shoppers often ask (or silently wonder) why our prices are much steeper than our competitors.  

     Cheap price tag:                  MADI's socially conscious, high quality price tag:


First, we aren't that high :)!  

Hanky Panky for example is a very successful US manufactured undergarment brand - I'm sure most of you've heard of them.  Their prices range on average $27-$38 - for a good reason.  They use high-quality fabrics and they produce right here in the states.  Even when you buy Hanes of Jockey undies not on deep discount, the prices are similar.

Let’s be perfectly clear that we aren't jacking the prices to use as our own pocket change :) - our garments are priced at this point for very good reasons.  Here’s why!

Second, "Cheap" price tags may not cost you much, but it will still COST ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL (you may just not see it first hand)

  • A cheap price tag = cheap labor.  If you're paying close to nothing for a garment, chances are, the person making the garment was paid close to nothing to make it.  
  • Manufacturing abroad in countries like China and Indonesia does not help our economy - in fact, it hurts us.  Thousands of cut and sew production workers in the US have lost their jobs over the last few decades as clothing companies have moved their manufacturing jobs abroad for cheaper production.
  • By working with a cut and sew manufacturing team literally in the same city as our headquarters, we are able to oversee and ensure that workers making our undies are paid a fair wage, that environmental standards are met and that child labor and abusive labor is eliminated.

Third, MADI Apparel undies are not your typical "disposable" undergarments

  • I used to always be the "buy cheap underwear" person.  The cheap price tag attracted me.  HOWEVER, after years of finding a hole or holes in my underwear after only a few months of wear - I was fed up.  I'd find a style that I fell in love with, and after finding holes from the wash or other wear and tear, I'd go back to the store to re-purchase.  I could never find that style again - and it drove me nuts!
  • I've been putting a few of our original prototypes from 2012 in almost every wash and dry cycle and have experienced UNDERWEAR MAGIC!  I swear to you, no more holes, hardly any wear!  Why?  Because we experimented with hundreds of fabrics until we found viscose from organic bamboo.  
  • Our underwear is fast drying, odor-preventing, anti-bacterial, self-wicking.  We don't use elastics - preventing pinching or muffin tops.  It's literally the comfiest, most durable underwear you will ever own, I promise!

Fourth, PERHAPS THE MOST IMPORTANT - Your purchase includes two pairs!

As always: For every pair of underwear you buy, a pair is a donated to a woman in need.  

And therefore - your purchase includes not only the most comfortable, longest-lasting pair of underwear you'll even own :), but at the same time you are gifting a pair to a woman in a domestic violence shelter, rape clinic, disaster relief, etc.  You don't have to do a thing - simply buy a pair for yourself and we will do the donating for you :) - it's as easy as that!

So, why don’t we just make cheap underwear for the donation pairs to hold down our overall cost?  That’s defeating the whole mission of MADI Apparel.  Our underwear were designed specifically for women in need.  As one of our partners said in a very kind letter of recommendation for MADI, “ Being able to provide abuse survivors with quality underwear that is as confortable as it is stylish speaks to the survivor’s send of self-worth and creates a confidence unmatched by other personal care items.  For those we serve, a pair of MADI Apparel undies is more than just underwear, it’s dignity.”

Distributing YOUR DONATIONS to our partnered organizations:


Don't forget, cheap price point = compromising all levels of comfort, durability, labor in a negative way

One of our biggest goals as a brand is to stay socially and environmentally conscious by researching and educating on how low price points can have an affect on:

-The individuals making your clothes (as many companies overlook poor cut and sew production, unsafe and long hours of labor, etc).

-Quality of fabric.  Cheap price tag = cheap fabric 

ADDED BONUS:  Purchasing MADI undies means our customers are empowered to help women across the street and around the world.

Our brand focuses on three key words: SIMPLE, ELEGANT, POWERFUL

We can't feel great about our products if we don't attempt to achieve greatness in every aspect from production to customer comfort!  That's why we've made the most comfortable "buy one give one" undies we hope you'll ever wear!  

We are happy to clear the air and answer any additional questions that might come up!  Just email us: madiapparel@gmail.com

xo, Hayley - founder of MADI

June 08, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

Newhouse Donation Dropoff

This week, we visited Newhouse Domestic Violence Shelter in Kansas City, MO and donated 30 pairs of new, clean MADI undies.  Yay!

The staff was so excited and welcoming of our team.  They couldn't wait to gift these to the 30 ladies currently receiving services and seeking shelter and refuge at Newhouse.  Community Engagement Coordinator, Kacee, gave us a tour of the facility and educated us on all of the wonderful resources Newhouse offers for abused women in the community.  AMAZING things these ladies are doing for our Kansas City women :).

Fox4News KC filmed the drop-off - we are so grateful to them and other media outlets for joining us in spreading awareness about the need for underwear as well as domestic violence awareness to the community!

Newhouse CEO talked about how underwear and other personal items are so under-donated and it's nice to receive donations like this because they hardly ever receive new undergarments (and they can't receive them used.)  A new pair underwear (a woman's most intimate article of clothing) has the power to make her feel comfortable, confident and clean.

Want to help us Make a Difference by donating underwear to women across the street or around the globe?  Three ways you can help:

-Treat yourself with a couple of our super soft, sexy undies!  For every pair you buy, we donate a pair to women in domestic violence shelters and rape clinics.  

-Buy a gift card for a friend or family member.  For every pair of MADI undies they use their gift card to purchase, we donate a pair to a woman in need

-Email info@madiapparel.com to make a direct donation to MADI Apparel 



May 11, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

The Human Element in a Domestic Violence Shelter Environment

Written by:

Lynn Kaiser Conrad
Chief Operating Officer
Domestic Abuse Council, Inc.


Our universe and our world are composed of many elements. We are all familiar with the basic elements on the periodic table for our existence. We need oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen. Then there are more interesting and alluring elements that are full of possibilities like carbon and platinum.

Through all of the essential items necessary in life to exist, we must address the most important element, the human element. Although not on the periodic table, it is the most complex of all. The Human Element has all of the properties for survival and it is adaptable to change and new environments.

The Human Element has vulnerability. Humans can express joy and sadness. Humans can create energy through laughter and tears.

Once aspect of the Human Element is Domestic Violence, also known as Intimate Partner Violence.

How does domestic violence affect the Human Element? The Domestic Abuse Council, Inc. operates in Volusia County, Florida and with a population of about a half a million people, just a mere spec in the universe amongst all the elements, last year 421 individuals lived in the emergency shelter. Of that total, 191 of those humans were children.

Those people slept in the shelter for 13,873 nights. What does that number mean? If one person sleeps in their bed in their home every night, that is 365 bed nights. So those 13,873 bed nights converts to 38 years.

Imagine the wear and tear on everything in the shelter. To live 38 years in one year. Just walking on the floors, opening and closing the doors. Turning the faucet on and off. Now add some energy. Folks who come to the shelter, whether they are young or old have experienced some kind of trauma. They may still be in crisis while living in the shelter. They may not be aware of their surroundings, like you are in your own home. They may not be gentle with their belongings because they are thinking about other things.

According to the Community Agenda Snapshot of Volusia & Flagler Counties 2014 report, the African American population for Volusia County is 10.8%. Why then were 47% of our children in residence at the shelter African American. Statistically speaking, there more than 4 times more African American children in shelter than are in the general population. It is a concerning enigma.

When dealing with domestic violence, as with the Human Element, there are more questions than answers.

A Male's Perspective on Domestic Violence

Hey all!  I'm Hayley - the founder of MADI Apparel.  A few days ago, I had an intimate interaction/conversation with a man I've never met in the entryway of the post office.  He spoke about domestic violence from his own perspective, one that I'd never previously considered and will stick with me forever...

Here's what happened:  

As the day was escaping me and there were only a few minutes to spare before five o'clock, I was practically running (in fact, I'm pretty sure I was definitely running) toward the front door of USPS in Westport, Kansas City.  A black man, about 65 years old with dreadlocked hair half covered by a smudged bandana, wearing a plaid long shirt, combat boots, carrying some odds and ends - had entered just before me.  The man hustled back to grab the door, graciously holding it open for me to come inside.

He said, "I don't get to do this for a lady very often, I'm glad I had the chance to do so today!" (Referring to holding the door open for me.)

I responded, "Wow, thank you very much sir, I really appreciate it!"

He smirked and said, "I'm quite the gentleman, you know."

"Chivalry is definitely not dying anytime soon with you around!" I shot back.

Here's where his wisdom and transparency began to seep through his pores and into my own skin...

"Ya know...what men often fail to recognize, remember and understand is that the women they put their fists on and disrespect are THE SAME WOMEN who created them, birthed them, who Yahweh used so beautifully to put men on this earth.  Men don't see that they wouldn't even be here today if it wasn't for women - so why do men abuse their women?  They should be kind to our women...

My brother used to beat on his girlfriend, and I couldn't understand why he couldn't see what I see - that he would be nowhere without her (the figure that she represents.)  We watched my father beat my mother for years.  And, it just makes you cry...to see a man abusing the VERY SYMBOL that brought him to life.  I wonder would these men beat their mothers this way?  I doubt it, because they respect their mothers for bringing them life and providing for them.  So, why do they beat their wives and girlfriends?"  

At this point, I was so shocked and enlightened by the wisdom this stranger just laid on me.  I'm a woman - who owns a company that donates underwear to women repairing their lives from sexual and physical abuse - and I'd never even considered this perspective.  

"I'd like to tell you what I do, about the business I own," I said to him.  

I proceeded to explain how I founded a cause-based women's underwear line.  For every pair of underwear we sell, we donate a pair to a woman in a domestic violence shelter or rape clinic.  I told him how a big reason we donate is not only for sanitary reasons, but for confidence boosting.  Underwear is a woman's most intimate article of clothing, others won't know if she isn't wearing it, but she will know.  It has the power to make a woman feel safe, confident and clean again.  Undergarments are KEY - probably the most important article of clothing - in the repairing process of a sexually or physically abused woman.

He wanted to tell me what he does for a living...

"I am a soldier of Yahweh.  I greatly appreciate what you are doing, because I, too, fight against Lucifer every single day - and we all must work together to resist the evils of the world."

Shocked, humbled and educated by this man that I will never forget.  Happy to share with all of you about this interaction before too much time passed, before even a single ounce of my memories from him were able to slip from my brain.  

Here's what stuck with me the most: "what men often fail to recognize, remember and understand is that the women they put their fists on and disrespect are THE SAME WOMEN who created them, birthed them, who Yahweh used so beautifully to put men on this earth."


Hayley - Founder, MADI Apparel




April 08, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

Getting Ready for our Shop Opening!

We're so excited to show off our new retail front // headquarters in Kansas City!  Launching Friday April 3rd, 6-8pm! 1659 Summit St, Kansas City, MO 64108

We've been looking for "THE" perfect retail space since the start of 2014 and lucked out with the most amazing spot - it has such a natural, sustainable, luxury and earthy feel - all important pieces of the MADI brand.  It's located in Kansas City's Westside - a historically wonderful area just west of the Crossroads District.  

Utilitarian Workshop (previous tenants and brilliant designers of lovely hand-crafted furniture/spaces) built reclaimed wood paneled walls and made wonderful improvements to the space while they inhabited it.  Check out their other inspiring work: http://utilitarianworkshop.com.

So - when we moved in - the space already had the most beautiful bones.  

We launch this Friday, April 3rd, 6-8pm and are SO EXCITED!!  Check out our progress over the past few months prepping the space to fit our line!

Shop interior January 2015

Hayley and Molly excited about getting the keys to our new space!!! January 2015

Table we purchased from craftsman in Topeka, KS.  Why we felt it fit our shop?  Because it's made out of reclaimed barn wood and old iron bars for legs.  We love when furniture is re-purposed!

New packaging as of February 2015

Installing our window decals! Early March 2015

Excited about our window decals up!

READY TO LAUNCH!!! Come see us Friday April 3rd, 6-8 pm!

Xo, Team MADI

March 31, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

New Style Shots!

We had a lot of fun shooting new style shots of our panties with Kansas City photographer Cameron Gee!  Buy any style of MADI Apparel underwear and another pair is donated to a woman in need.  

^^ The Kyle Classic Boyshort ^^

^^ The Pamela Cheeky Brazilian ^^

^^ The Bonnie High Rise Brief ^^

^^ The Kaydee Wide Lace Brazilian ^^

Help us provide underwear - the most needed, under-donated item of clothing - for women in need.  All you have to do is buy a pair for yourself!

Xo, Team MADI


New Shop Window Decals ARE UP!

Wahoo!!! Big step today toward the big picture!  The big picture = the opening of our very own retail storefront on the Kansas City Westside APRIL 3rd!!! That's during the Crossroads' First Fridays in April.

We now have our signage/logos up on our retail windows!!  We admit, we should've left the installation of the decals to our amazing sign company, FASTSIGNS - because embarrassingly, we messed up a couple times and had to order more, oops! :)

Take a look at yesterday's sign-installing fun from start to finish!

MADI babe, Jacqueline in front of our lonely, empty shop windows last week :(
^^ MADI babe, Jacqueline in front of our lonely, empty shop windows last week :( ^^

 ^^ First attempt with our first decal - aka OOPS! IT'S CROOKED! ^^

^^ MADI PR/marketing guru, Pam testing our leveling skills one more time in hopes that we don't make it crooked again :) ^^

^^ Looking good so far, think we are getting the hang of it! ^^

^^ On to "the big Kahuna" ^^

^^ Newest intern, Joe, seeing our signage for the first time! ^^

^^ Anndddd, we got it up before the snow storm hit, SUCCESS! ^^

We had fun - it's so exciting to think about having a physical store for us customers to come, feel our super soft bamboo panties and have fun with team MADI!  Join us for our Studio Introduction launch event at our new space, 1659 Summit St.  Kansas City, MO 64108 - April 3rd - 6-9pm!

Xo, team MADI


Our Newest Donation Recipients - a Rape Crisis Center in Ohio

Just donated new, clean MADI Apparel undies to the Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit counties (in Akron, Ohio.)  Since our founder learned in 2011 that underwear is the most needed, under-donated item of clothing in the US, we've been working hard to spread awareness about this need and how you as MADI Apparel customers can help.  All you have to do is buy a pair for yourself!  Then, a pair will be automatically donated in your honor to a woman in one of our partnered organizations.

Learn more about our newest partners:

Alexandra Potter - Direct Service Advocate, Hospital Advocacy Coordinator of the Rape Crisis Center - reached out to us in October 2014 asking for new underwear donations for the women recovering at their Rape Crisis Center.  In the words of Alexandra...

"Currently, we are looking for donations for our hospital advocacy program, where our advocates respond to local hospitals to meet with young women following a sexual assault to be a mode of support while they are undergoing the invasive process of a forensic-medical exam to collect evidence.  The women that we meet at the Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit Counties are often asked to surrender most, if not all, of their clothing for evidence collection during a rape kit at the hospital. There are some women who are more fortunate than others who can give up their clothes, some who may be wearing the only shirt they own at that moment, and don’t want to give it up, for obvious reasons. Regardless of how much of their clothing they surrender for evidence collection, they are asked to surrender their underwear at the very least. Once these items are submitted into evidence, the survivor will never get those items back, and the advocates at Rape Crisis aim to be as prepared as possible by providing clothing sets for the women, which include t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, sports bras, and underwear.

Your gracious donation will assist survivors of sexual assault by giving them fresh clothes (underwear, in this case) to be able to wear home. Not only is sexual assault upsetting and traumatizing for many reasons, but to give up what little they sometimes have for the sake of a chance at arrest and prosecution of the perpetrator is extremely difficult, sometimes even adding on to the trauma that they’ve already endured.  Being able to consistently provide the clothing that our advocates do for these women is one of the many ways we help them feel supported and cared about in their time of need. I hope our organization is a qualified candidate for your gracious donation."

The Rape Crisis Center of Medina and Summit counties was the first of this type of organization to reach out to us.  It pains us, moves us, but mainly this type of request for donations motivates us - knowing that women in crisis situations may find a little light at the end of a dark tunnel in the form of new, clean underwear.  We hope MADI Apparel underwear donations may help women in need feel safe, clean, confident and loved. 

We need your help to donate undies to these women!  How?  For every pair of MADI Apparel undies you buy, a pair will be automatically donated to a woman in one of our partnered non-profit organizations.  PROMISE WE CAN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU! 

Xo, Team MADI

February 23, 2015 — Hayley Besheer


Not sure what size // style of panties to buy your loved one for Valentine's Day?  We have your solution!  Today only -- 25% off gift cards at any price point!  Use coupon code: valentinesday5 at checkout!

Day 2 of our 5 Days of Love Sale!

Gentlemen!  Today is the 2nd day of our Valentine's Day sale!  We've been receiving more and more feedback from men about how our lace panties are their favorite pair in their lady's drawer.  Don't take our word for it :) - take advantage of our sale today & see for yourself!   $10 off all lace styles under our Intimate Collection!

February 04, 2015 — Hayley Besheer

MADI Apparel's 5 Days of Love Sale!

Hello to all our MADI loves!

Exciting stuff -- Today through Friday we are hosting our first ever online VALENTINES DAY SALE!

Here's today's sale ::

Fellas, buy your lady a gift she'll never forget!  She'll feel great wearing them and she'll feel great knowing that another pair will be donated to a woman in need because of your purchase.  YOU will LOVE how confident she'll look in them :)  Use the code: valentinesday1 during checkout for your 25% off all styles!!  Happy gifting!

<3 Team MADI <3


February 03, 2015 — Hayley Besheer