Real Donation Story

Our founder Hayley and Molly, the East Coast Distribution Lead, were presented the opportunity to travel to California and meet a domestic abuse survivor in the fall of 2014. The survivor had read about MADI’s buy one give one program and reached out to Hayley to see if she would donate underwear to her and her daughter.

Instead of just sending her underwear, Hayley and Molly decided to take the opportunity to fly from Florida to California to meet this awesome survivor. Hayley and Molly didn't know what to expect, whether or not the survivor would actually show up to meet them after they'd traveled from Florida to California to meet her in person.

Immediately upon meeting the three embraced. 

The survivor started sharing her story, including journal entries she had written along the way - years of abuse and 17 years of constant running from her abuser.


Hayley, Molly and the survivor still keep in touch, and MADI Apparel even sent her and her and her daughter a few more pairs of underwear on Mother’s Day!

Hayley and Molly said that they will forever carry with them the story of this determined and strong-willed survivor. And, after watching the video yourself, you will too. If you haven’t had a chance to head over to our donations page and watch the story about the real donation, you definitely must! For more information and pictures taken at other underwear donation drop-offs, click here:

September 08, 2015 — Anna Tedder

More Than Just Underwear

A women’s shelter at its most basic function is a safe zone. It is a place where women and children who are survivors of abuse can go in their time of need. The women in these shelters have often suffered from some form of domestic abuse and even rape. Women’s Shelters provide safety, shelter, a place to sleep, food and often times clothing for those seeking its comforts.

^^ Team MADI donating new, clean undies to Hope House in Kansas City

Women flee their homes and escape abusive partners sometimes carrying nothing. During their stay at the shelter, if they don’t have everything they need to feel comfortable (like underwear, for example) they may feel the urge to leave the shelter and go back home to pack a bag of necessities. It is then, 9 times out of 10, that their abusers are at the home waiting for them-this is when the most abuse occurs, often leading to death. We want to ensure these women are comfortable on their road to recovery with all of the necessities-including underwear and that they don’t feel the need to go home.

^^ Donating MADI undies with the staff of Family Services of Tulare County

All of the clothing available at a shelter comes from donations. However, underwear can only be donated if it is new and unused, but we don’t all think to go out and buy a new package of underwear to put in our donation pile. This is what has lead to underwear being the most needed and yet most under donated item in the shelters. MADI Apparel has not only taken a step towards solving this issue, by donating underwear, but we are donating underwear that can empower these women. Underwear is a woman’s most intimate article of clothing—it could be hard to start a new life without even your most simple, intimate clothing. And as we here at MADI like to say, “its not just underwear, its dignity.” At the end of the day, we want these women to build themselves back up and feel confident again. And we can do that, even with a pair of underwear. To help now, purchase a pair for yourself and a pair will be donated at



September 08, 2015 — Anna Tedder